When it comes to open houses there are lots of dos and don’ts, here are a few of the things we do to prepare our sellers for the big day.

Do Not have personal photos or quirks on display

First impressions matter, if you are an avid collector of salt and pepper shakers with walls full of your displays, now might be the time to pack them up in anticipation for your move. A house free of your personal items, clutter and your hundreds of family photos is key to convincing buyers that they can see themselves living in your house.

Remove all personal items, including family photos, unusual collectibles, memorabilia, and misplaced condiments.

Do Not be a hovering home seller

Do not, we repeat do not, attend your own open house, do not sit on the street in front of your open house – yes it happens – and do not send friends/family in to scope out the open house. Trust us and the process and know that buyers can often sense when something is off or someone is lurking. Best to just pack up and plan on a fun day away from the house. Don’t worry, we will give you a full update when we leave!

A well-advertised open house will attract people early, and there will definitely be people arriving just as the agent is locking up. So plan on getting everyone up and out of bed an hour before the open house starts.

Do open the blinds and curtains, or even better remove them if they are heavy and dark

Light is a key selling feature and when a buyer walks in a house that feels dark it instantly feels smaller and dated. Not only should you get as much natural light as possible, but make sure to turn on all lights in the house, even the lamps.

Do thoroughly clean every inch of your home

Fact is, some potential buyers are going to inspect every square inch of your home so those giant dust bunnies in the corner of the guest closet are going to be exposed and could potentially be a turn off. As with all the other to dos, it is all about putting your best foot forward so make sure your house is show ready and that the little kiddos wondering through could eat of the floors.

Do make sure you are working with the right agent for more tips like this to get your home sold