We are over halfway through February, which means the thought of Spring is starting to peak its head.  I’ve noticed that the trees in my backyard are already starting to form buds!  While this enjoyable signal of Spring’s arrival is exciting, there’s also that pesky task of Spring Cleaning that comes with it.  I don’t know about you, but getting myself to deep clean can be a chore in itself.



As much as I don’t like cleaning, once I start I realize that it isn’t as bad as my mind was making it out to be.  In fact, I find it quite therapeutic and end up enjoying it.  I like to think that this cleaning goes much further than just cleaning your house, it’s almost like you’re cleaning your mind in the process.  So how do we get past that initial starting phase?  You have to look at yourself as an employee that you are negotiating with; make a reasonable deal with yourself.  That deal could be treating yourself to anything that you enjoy, whether it’s going out with friends, getting a certain food or drink that you like, or going to a special place.  That part is for you to decide!  It could literally be anything, just as long as it is worth starting the “burden” of cleaning.


So you made your deal, now what are we looking for in our Spring Cleaning endeavor?  When I am thoroughly cleaning my house I look for wasted space, things that I no longer need or use, and spaces that straight up just need to be cleaned with some elbow grease.  I usually start in areas that get the most action, such as the kitchen or the bathrooms.  That way if you run out of steam, at least you were able to get the areas that are the most important.  From there, you can move to other areas that have a lot of storage and start getting rid of things that have been collecting dust.  I know which spot I am starting on this year…. the garage!  It has been a disorganized mess all year.  Yard work will be a much easier task to accomplish once I get it all straightened up and organized.


Why is Spring Cleaning necessary in the first place?  When we take the time to clean out our homes, we make room for new things to enter our lives.  This provides us with the opportunity to change and grow as individuals. New is always accompanied with some sort of change or vice versa.  Pretty large concept or purpose tied to the whole idea of simply cleaning your house.  When I hold this in mind it gives me a bit more incentive to get my butt in gear and clean!